UK National Parks in 100 Seconds

On Sunday October 11th I’m going to be launching a short crowdfunding campaign to make UK National Parks in 100 Seconds, a short film that will change the way we think about National Parks.

Following the success of The UK in 100 Seconds and The Netherlands in 100 Seconds, each second of the film will reveal 1% of what UK National Parks look like from above.

In the UK we have 15 beautiful, distinctive and important National Parks. From the New Forest to the Cairngorms and Pembrokeshire to the Broads, our National Parks include a diverse range of landscapes, habitats and uses. The overall picture is complex, hard to imagine and difficult to get a proper sense of proportion.

When they are all added together… how much of our National Parks are covered in woodlands, crops, pastures, quarries or urban areas?

UK National Parks in 100 Seconds will give us a first look that’s not just a sterile data set or graph, but moving images that people can relate to.

The film will be both beautiful and challenging. It will help us to better imagine what our National Parks look like and what they could be like in the future.

The campaign runs for two weeks and finishes on October 24th at 7pm.

As well as helping to make the film, by backing the campaign you can claim a number of rewards. These include having your name added to the credits and being sent high quality limited edition photographs from the film.

To find out more and to help make the project a success please visit the project’s crowdfunding page.

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