Slow Ways

Slow Ways is a project to create a network of walking routes that connect all of Great Britain’s towns and cities as well as thousands of villages.

Using existing footpaths, people will be able to use the Slow Ways to walk between neighbouring settlements or daisy-chain routes for long distance journeys.

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During lockdown 700 volunteers from across the country collaborated to produce a first draft of the Slow Ways. This incredible effort has led to the creation of 7,500 routes that collectively stretch for over 110,000km.

While COVID-19 has forced millions of us to stay at home and indoors, that hasn’t stopped us from being collaborative, imaginative, creative and productive.

Just look at this draft of the Slow Ways!

Slow Ways GB May 15 (Routes Only) 2 copy

This is an important, positive and timely project. Walking can improve health and wellbeing, tackle the climate and ecological emergencies, save people money, improve our environment and bring joy to people’s lives.

While there are thousands of miles of paths linking places across the country, there isn’t a comprehensive network designed to help people walk off-road between all towns and cities. That’s what the Slow Ways project aims to do.

The Slow Ways project kindly supported by the Kestrelman Trust, is being managed through Topolocus (my geography innovation business) and we’ve teamed up with Ordnance Survey who I collaborate with through their GetOutside campaign. As a result, the entire Slow Ways network will be published online and made freely available via Ordnance Survey.  

While an initial first draft has been created, a team of volunteers is currently reviewing what’s been done.

Later this year we’ll be sharing the routes and putting a call out for 10,000 volunteers to help explore, test and feedback on them. It would be great to have your help with that!

To get involved and stay updated with the project please sign-up to the Slow Ways newsletter.

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