Woods in Ealing by the Grand Union Canal. The view from Alexandra Palace, looking south across #London.

about & contact

I’m a father, husband, educator, guerrilla geographer, explorer, experimenter, activist, feminist, author, drummer, Director of Explorer HQ and Topolocus Limited, a creator Mission:Explore and a lead partner in The Geography Collective. I’m also delighted to be one of National Geographic’s Emerging Explorers.

On this blog I’m sharing my (mis)adventures to explore, experience and share one of many worlds. Maybe you’ll join me for a while too?

I’m currently working on a number of projects:

Mission:Explore – Working with my friends at Explorer HQ, Mission:Explore is a project to help increase the number of children benefitting from outdoor play, learning and exploration. We make books, have an awesome website and love bringing what we do to music festivals. I am currently developing a Mission:Explore idea for the Knee High Project called Crafty Explorers..

The Greater London National Park* – I have launched a website and campaign with the aim of London being named as the world’s first National Park City.

The Step Up Skyline ExpeditionComing soon…

Mission Animal Rescue – I am contributing to a series of books for National Geographic Kids that include “amazing adventure stories, gorgeous photography, hands-on activities, fascinating information, and more” to tap into kids’ interest in animals and their passion for saving them.

Does New Zealand exist? – I am trying to find out.

Route 125 – Last year I explored the UK with my son for Route 125, an adventure that I led with Toyota and National Geographic Magazine. During 2013 we  completed 125 different adventures in 125 places around the UK. Visit www.route125.co.uk/adventure to see photographs, watch videos and read our reports.

The Future of Local – I am also working with InterContinental Hotels and Resorts on a TED Conversation exploring the Future of Local. Why not watch this video that we made below and then join the conversation here.

My work is focussed on nurturing playful exploration, education and geography through:

  • Guerrilla Geography
  • Alternative Exploration
  • Writing on creative geographies
  • Presenting on screen, on stage and on muddy fields
  • Mission:Explore books, website and iPhone app and versions of it like this and this
  • Editing a series of books on wildlife for National Geographic Kids (out in 2014)
  • Producing innovative educational projects
  • URBAN EARTH and UrbanStory projects by exploring cities
  • Posting stuff on this blog and Twitter 
  • Working for children to have more freedom to play outdoors
  • Organising fun and curious things at festivals including Glastonbury, Hay and Latitude
  • Facilitating workshops, giving talks, training and leading alternative team-building

I am always pleased to hear from people like you. If you have any questions or requests please do contact me through the form below.

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